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SPI communication discussion

Discussion created by Ratheesh T on Jun 21, 2017
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       I have LPCXpresso 54102 LQFP64 Rev A (OM13077) development board & using LPCXpresso_8.1.0_597 IDE.

It is running with Cortex M4 processor at 96MHz.

I am executing the default example program "periph_spi_sm_int" to validate SPI protocol with master and slave.


After every transaction if i call the function setupMaster() then only it is working fine, otherwise it is giving wrong values. But for the general SPI communication this function( setupMaster() ) call is not required for every transmission of data because it is only needed at the time of initialization. So please suggest me your ideas whether it is required every time or not ?

I have submitted my queries already at below link, but i didnt get any result.

LPC54102 SPI0 & SPI1 Communication issue?