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eLBC support in U-boot

Question asked by Pavankumar G on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by ufedor

I have a P1015 based custom board which is to be booted using U-boot. I have worked out the u-boot part for the board, but require help in accessing a peripheral connected to the P1015 via a eLBC bus. The peripheral in question is a NVRAM (CY14B108L) - (8-Mbit - 1024 K × 8). We have planned to access this device via the GPCM mode of the eLBC bus, suggestions about the mode of access as to GPCM or UPM would be better (as we have not decided on which mode to use for access). Also how must one configure the registers of the eLBC for u-boot - (I am completely new to the eLBC based mode of accessing).I would also like to know how to go about using this peripheral in u-boot, whether there is any support for GPCM/UPM based accessing in u-boot for peripherals connected to eLBC bus in this mode. Could someone provide with some codes (links to codes - for using in u-boot)/similar examples for accessing a device similar to this (GPCM/UPM based eLBC connection). The NVRAM being used is not for booting but rather to read and write data.


P.S. - The eLBC is also used in GPCM mode by the NOR Flash which is the source of booting. Also I was informed that the general convention of use for the GPCM mode is for boot-loading (from NVRAM or NOR Flash) and access to low-performance memory-mapped peripherals.