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Is it possible to reverse the Data bits given to R,G and B lines of Display?

Question asked by shree97 on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by shree97

Hello community,


I interfaced the RGB display to iMX6 solo, its working fine. While interfacing I given the DISP0_DAT0-7(R),DISP0_DAT8-15(G) and DISP0_DAT16-23 to respective data lines on LCD connector(Its working fine).

But now my requirement is I want to connect with the below order

DISP0_DAT23 - DISP0_DAT16---------------------> B




I tried connecting as mentioned above also I changed the PIX_FMT to BGR24 but the colors are not coming properly.

What changes I need to do in BSP in order to reverse the bits as mentioned above so that display will work with proper colors?