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Loading DSP using IPC on B4860QDS

Question asked by Andrew Marles on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2017 by Yiping Wang

I am having an issue loading code on the B4860QDS platform.  This is using the most recent 2.0 SDK as well as with 1.9.  The application I am loading is the ipc_integration demo from the SmartDSP examples.  I have converted the bin using sc100-elf2xx.exe. dsp_bt fails with the following error:


root@b4860:/ipc# ./dsp_bt -h 0 -c 0 -i c0_ipc_demo_b4860_dbg.bin
===B4860QDS DSP boot Application (3.1.0) ===
DSP PrivArea: Addr=80000000 Size=7ff00000
Shared CtrlArea: Addr=fff00000 Size=100000
DSP Core0 M2: Addr=0 Size=0
DSP Core1 M2: Addr=0 Size=0
DSP M3: Addr=c40000000 Size=8000
PA CCSRBAR: Addr =ffe000000 Size=1000000
DSP CCSRBAR: Addr =ffe000000 Size=1000000
PA Shared Area: Addr=50000000 Size=f000000
DSP Shared Area: Addr=5f000000 Size=1000000
Waiting for FI
Waiting for FI
Waiting for FI
L2 cache cluster2 init
Loading Dsp image c0_ipc_demo_b4860_dbg.bin

Error in mapping physical address 100000000 to virtual address in load_dsp_image
Error in loading Dsp image StarCore


I have re-compiled the kernel as indicated in the SDK documentation, but the error persists.  I have found somewhat similar issues discussed elsewhere.


Is there a current SDK example with a known good configuration to demonstrate IPC functionality?