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Unable to lower the power consumption of KL15Z128VFM4 in VLPS mode as described in Datasheet

Question asked by Adm Imteaz on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Hui_Ma

I am using KL15Z128VLM4 for my project. I am trying to switch from RUN to VLPS mode in order to get power consumption down to 12uA or below. Data sheet (KL15P80M48SF0) states that power consumption should be between 3.75uA to 8.46 uA for temperature of 25 deg C and 6.66 uA to 13.41 for 50 deg C. MCU in normal mode runs with 24 MHz and Flash is at 12 MHz. When I am switching to VLPS mode, I am switching to internal fast reference clock at 4 MHz. I am switching to internal clock as follows,


   MCG_SC = 0;


    // Change the clock source for TMP to MCGIRCLK  
    TPM0_SC   = 0;    
    SIM_SOPT2 |= SIM_SOPT2_TPMSRC(0x03);


While I am in VLPS mode, my requirement is to be able to run TPM0 at 100 KHz. I confirmed the TPM0 is available at VLPS mode.
I configured the TPM0 before I go into VLPS mode.


The rest of the code follows,


    // disable clock monitors
    MCG_C6 &= ~MCG_C6_CME0_MASK;
    // Disable clock gate to the peripheral
    // Disable SPI1, SPI0, CMP, UART2, UART1, UART0, I2C1, I2C0
    SIM_SCGC4 = 0;
    // Disable PORTC, PORTB, PORTA, TSI, LPTMR; Keep PORTE (for TPM output) and
    // PORTD
    SIM_SCGC5 = 0x00003000;
    // Disable DAC0, ADC0, TPM2, TPM1, PIT, DMAMUX; Keep RTC (for wakeup
    // periodically), TPM0 (for 100 KHz PWM Pulse), FTF (for flash)
    SIM_SCGC6 = 0x21000001;
    // Disable DMA
    SIM_SCGC7 = 0x0;


    /* PMPROT is write once after RESET allows the MCU to enter the VLPR, VLPW, and VLPS modes. */
    /* Set the STOPM field to 0b010 for VLPS mode */
    /*wait for write to complete to SMC before stopping core */  
    dummyread = SMC_PMCTRL;
    /* Wait for VLPR regulator mode to be confirmed */
    for (i = 0 ; i < 10000 ; i++)


        /* check that the value of REGONS bit is not 0
        once it is a zero we can stop checking */
        if ((PMC_REGSC & PMC_REGSC_REGONS_MASK) ==0x04)


            /* 0 Regulator is in stop regulation or in transition
            to/from it
            1 MCU is in Run regulation mode */
    /* Set the SLEEPDEEP bit to enable deep sleep mode (STOP) */
//    // Note:
//    // blog suggested to turn off FTF to achieve 33uA
//    // Controls the clock gate to the flash memory.
    /* WFI instruction will start entry into STOP mode */


If I do exactly what is above, I get 170uA; can't lower power less than that. Where as if I uncomment the line of code to clear the FTF (above blog suggested), MCU is reset upon wakeup. I have set an RTC to wakeup every 30 second . I am not sure why I can't lower the current below 12uA. And why FTF would reset the MCU if the blog suggested that IVAN Santana was able to. Do I have to execute from RAM upon awaken by RTC, and enable the FTF from there?


Thank you for your answer.