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Why is code size so big for even an empty project when using KSDK 2?

Question asked by Abdullah Kahraman on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2017 by Abdullah Kahraman

I am using MKL03Z8VFG4 (Kinetis KL03: 48MHz Cortex-M0+ Ultra-Low Power MCU, 8KB Flash, 2KB SRAM, 16-QFN).

My IDE is MCUXpresso v10.0.0 [Build 344].

I have built my custom KSDK 2.2.0  via


Now, I have a literally empty main block in my program. I do nothing, no initialization. Only the startup code is there I guess. I have selected "Optimize for size" and my "Preprocessor symbol list" is below:




When I compile, the output size is  2588 and I did NOTHING! Keep in mind that this is an MCU with 8 kB flash.


What is the reason behind this and how can I reduce that?