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Perf Test Failing on IMX6dl

Question asked by Vishnu Motghare on Jun 19, 2017

Perf test failing with following error,

bash-3.2# perf test
1: vmlinux symtab matches kallsyms                        : FAILED!
6: Validate PERF_RECORD_* events & perf_sample fields     : FAILED!
16: Try 'import perf' in python, checking link problems    : FAILED!
17: Test breakpoint overflow signal handler                : FAILED!
18: Test breakpoint overflow sampling                      : FAILED!
19: Test number of exit event of a simple workload         : FAILED!
21: Test object code reading                               : FAILED!

When I ran

bash-3.2# perf test -v 1
 1: vmlinux symtab matches kallsyms                        :
--- start ---
test child forked, pid 194
Looking at the vmlinux_path (7 entries long)
Couldn't find a vmlinux that matches the kernel running on this machine, skipping test
test child finished with 254
---- end ----
vmlinux symtab matches kallsyms: FAILED!

I have attached complete test log.

I found this where it mentioned after kernel version  3.6 perf is broken.

Have anyone tried to do perf testing on IMX6dl board?




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