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MPC5746C SMPU - FMT1 Support

Question asked by Martin Schultheiss on Jun 19, 2017
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according to "Document Number: MPC5746CRM Rev. 4, 12/2016" the Calypso 3M derivatives no longer support the FMT1 Format for the System MPU. (Appendix A: Release Notes, General Changes "Removed "Region Descriptor n, Word 2 Format 1 (SMPU_RD_nW2_F1)" register" - page 3396).


Is this information correct for all Calypso3M derivatives ? Is there a mask set which supports FMT 1 ?

What about Calypso6M ? Will there be changes too ?


I need to ask because for our AUTOSAR OS we need to distinguish between Supervisor- and User Mode on memory access control. But from our point of view this isn't possible with this derivative if only FMT 0 is supported. Is this correct ?


Thanks in advance and best regards

Martin Schultheiß