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Problems!FreeMater communication through CAN!

Question asked by peng jianxin on Jun 17, 2017


       i intergrated the freemaster codes into my application codeand download the S19 file into the evaluation bord.

       the communication configuration is

      (1)short-inter mode

      (2) the FMSTR_Poll() is in for(;;)FMSTR_Isr() is in can receive interrupt function; FMSTR_Init();

      (3)FlexCAN,  SPC56**

Then, the result of “Test Connection”

                  " target is alive (responded to ping)"


           the standard frame 0x7aa send and the response is received,but in the next step i click the button " STOP " to start communication,the results is below:

           " Can not detec the board information! the  communication  will paused. Error code: 0x858e0003


I have several questions:

(1) Freemater through CAN, the protocol of communication is XCP/CCP? because i do not find the protocol in the specification,please confirm the information。

(2) without can protocol,how can i fix the problem?

                   looking forward to your  response,My E@mal is" ", thank you.