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MQX Priorities and H/W Interrupt conflicts - Kinetis

Question asked by Robert Lewis on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Daniel Chen

I have a scheduling / kernal problem with tasks and interrupts.... I think. I see at infrequent times that I can't reproduce failures in services and I think the IRQ and Task priorities are wrong. I am using MQX 4.1 on a MK20dx256VLL10 core.


I found a place in the code where the NVIC priorities are not using the CMSIS calls


NVICIP62 = (uint8_t)DEF_SPEED_RECAL_PRIORITY_FTM0; // NVICIP62: PRI62=0xB0, change FTM0 interrupt priority to 11, below USB task priority


also this is defined here

_bsp_int_init ((IRQInterruptIndex)INT_FTM0, 4, 0, TRUE); // sets priority of interrupts, loads vector table


and then the task using the results of the data collected above

{ge_SERVER_TSK, server_task, 2400, 9, "server_tsk", 0, 0L, 0},


I think these priorities are not correct set. I know that 0 - 7 are for the kernal so the task is ok, but setting the hardware in two places and one being an odd number doesn't seem correct (but I am not sure given the understanding I have of using odd priorities for H/W and even for Tasks in MQX, however does this apply when the CMSIS calls are bypassed as above)? Can anyone advise me please on the best method?


Should I just remove the NVICIP62 register setting, since the mqx/cmsis call is setting the priority, and is this a good priority for a timer task that should run in the background but not override other irq's? I know it is all design dependent, but what I am asking is whether there is an obvious error in the above code. I have read through all the posts on the irq task priorities and still find the whole mqx, bsp shifting this... and that... and offsetting ... confusing.


Thanks for any advice.