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How to install a device on Windows with custom BCA/VID/PID?

Question asked by Bob Paddock on Jun 16, 2017

For a KL27 I setup a custom Boot Loader Configuration Area.

Now I'm not understanding how to get Windows to recognize it?


I sent the VID to DEAD and PID to BEEF.  The default timeout is five seconds, as is the normal ROM bootloader with no BCA.  With  USBDeView (View any installed/connected USB device on your system) I see my DEAD BEEF HID device.


The problem is that Windows takes far longer than five seconds to install a new HID device.  So it says "Device Unplugged" after five seconds while the driver was being installed.  Now I have a device I can not talk too because Windows did not install the DEAD BEEF HID and I can't recover the device (without JTAG like hardware, unit is pain to disassemble due to being water resistant) as the default Freescale VID/PID as been replaced.  How do I recover this, other than JTAG?


How is this suppose to work?  Any device with an application already loaded and having a short timeout is going to have this problem is it not?  What have I missed?