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LPC 4370-Query-SSP-write and read functions-not working-MOSI and MISO always high

Question asked by Aravind S on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

I am using Two LPC Link 2 boards. one as a debugger and another as a platform board[target device]. I am actually trying to interface accelerometer[adxl362] with link2 boards. I am using the SSP example code and tweaked it to read the x,y,z values. The chip select is manually configured as GPIO and made high to low. The clock is working good. The MOSI and MISO pins are always high. When I manually tried to ground them they are becoming zero. So I could conclude there is a issue in write and read functions. They are not working properly. What changes do I need to do in the example code especially in the write and read functions. Can anyone help me out???