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[imx6ul-pico-hobbit] Merge Android Things kernel development with FSL Community BSP

Question asked by Koenraad Verheyden on Jun 16, 2017

Hi all,


The Pico i.MX6UL by Wandboard was an official development board for Android Things. With developer preview 4.1 it has now been deprecated for an updated version.


The Pico is officially only supported by the Linux-fslc kernel (currently at 4.9), but for Android Things it ran on a Linux 4.1.15 kernel.

The Linux-fslc kernel on the Pico has issues with audio playback and does not support the WiFi card. Both issues which have been solved by the Android Things team.


Is it possible to merge the development done by the Android Things team (lead by Robert Thompson) with the accessible FSL Community BSP?

This would preserve this work for future users.


All the best,