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Not correct operation of HSADC0 through MUX67_SEL MKV58 erroneous values

Question asked by konstantin ivanov on Jun 15, 2017

Good day
I use MKV58F1M0vl24 in the case of QFP100
I need to use the second HSADC0 multiplexer and channels from 6-12 and the corps leads 28,21,20,19,18,15,14 which are not ports of input-output. As is known, the inputs of HSADC0 from 6-channel and further multiplexed by the HSADCx_MUX67_SEL register. And I'm using a non-differential input mode. External reference voltage source 3V. Power of VDDA 3.3V. A quartz oscillator 25MHz for clocking is external used. The core frequency is 200 MHz.
The problem is the following when I try to convert from inputs number 6 and more values are obtained not true and when at input 0V (input is closed to ground) the value does not drop to 0 it can be about 0x200. Also, if a 2000 ohm resistor is connected to the input by one contact and the second one is connected to the ground at the input, there is a voltage of about 2.5V. Conversion from inputs 0-5 is excellent and correct. I took an example from KDK2.0 on the work of HSADC0 changed the channel numbers to the ones I needed to set up the settings for my kernel clock and HSADC0 mode. Maybe you can tell me something?


I attached my project to the IAR ARM you can see it

Original Attachment has been moved to: hsadc_dual_parallel_conversion.rar