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Can we trigger FTM4 fault with Trgmux module

Question asked by Nitin verma on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by Daniel Martynek

Dear Support Team,


We are using s32K148 device in our customized hardware. We have the updated SDK (0.8.3) which supports S32k148 devices. As per requirement we have to trigger fault signal for FTM2 and FTM4 using ADC comparator as trigger source for TRGMUX. We are able to trigger Fault signal for FTM2 module. As per the the RM (NXP_S32K14x_RM_Rev2 (002).pdf) we didn't find any provision to trigger fault signal for FTM4 to FTM7 using TRGMUX module.

Please guide us if there is a way to trigger the Fault of FTM4 - FTM7 using TRGMUX module. Kindly refer the attached screenshot for TRGMUX trigger sources.



Nitin verma