Koen Teetaert

Flexcan Overrun problem

Discussion created by Koen Teetaert on Aug 21, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2008 by Francois Bouchard
I'am busy with the development of a CAN driver for the CF5329.
Message buffer 0-14 are set to receive and buffer 15 is my TX buffer.
When I receive a message, it is always posted into the message buffer 0. (No masking is active)
Is there a way to use all the receive buffers.
When my timer intu routine takes to long (300µs) can messages are lost in MBUF0. The overrun flag is set. But the other message buffers are still empty.
I use the can bus with a speed of 500k.
Everything is working fine but when my timer intu function takes more time than the time of a can frame, can frames are lost.....
Thanks in advance