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USBDM device detection of KV46

Discussion created by Jiri Ctibor on Jun 14, 2017
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Hi pgo,


this discussion is determined to you as a USBDM developer. First of all, thank you for all, that you find some time for this project. What's going on...


I would like to debug my project with Kinetis KV46 MCU and I found some problem with connecting USBDM to the device. While using USBDM_JS16_SWD, it wrote that target device does not match with the selected device. Hopefully, my selection in the project is correct. When I tried to detect it via ARM Flash programmer you provided, it is detected as MK20 as you can see in the following picture:



I already read some discussions here, that times to times there was a similar problem with device detection. Is it possible to repair it? I've tried to find in your firmware some definitions for detection of devices but actually, I did not find anything.


The version I am using is:


If you need more information please write me.


Thank you very much,

Best regards.