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build own linux kernel fails

Question asked by florian koenig on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by gusarambula


i try to build a linux kernel from my own sources. I created a file in mylayer/recipes-kernel/linux/   created a directory mylayer/recipes-kernel/linux/files  where i put the file ,the defconfig file and the Fix-the-compile-issue-under-gcc6.patch.  


Inside the file i put 


SRC_URI = "file:// file://Fix-the-compile-issue-under-gcc6.patch  file://defconfig"

S = "${WORKDIR}/my-unpacked-kernel-dir-name"

B = "${WORKDIR}/build"






But when i run bitbake virtual/kernel it returns:


recipe for target 'kernel/timeconst.h' failed


recipe for target "kernel" failed



what do i miss ?