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Using CLRC663 to receive information from an Android NFC enabled device

Question asked by Martin Howell on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Martin Howell

We have a device which incorporates a CLRC663 to read RFID cards, we are using a version of the NxpRfidLib and all is working well. We now are investigating ways in which we can use an Android NFC enabled device (tablet or phone) to send some configuration information to our device including hopefully WiFi credentials. We have looked at NFC modes, and although the data sheet for the CLC663 seems to imply that it supports NFC P2P in passive initiator mode, there appears to be no code examples or library support to enable this. Another idea was to use card emulation mode on our device but have found out that the CLRC663 cannot work in card emulation mode. Another solution might be to use the Android device in card emulation mode, but again we cannot figure out how we could send/recieve data using the NxpRfidLib.


Does anyone have any suggestions or code examples to show how we can transfer data from a phone to a CLRC663 based system?