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MCF54415 boot from NorFlash failed

Question asked by Chang Liu on Jun 13, 2017

We are using MCF54415 with BDM mode.

The mcf54415 boot from  a 4M_8bits_NorFlash.

I have modified the *.lcf to make almost all  .code segment ,.data segment and .bss segment  in ROM mode as the same as in RAM mode.

In ROM mode , the board can startup OK, copy all codes / data to the right address and clear the .bss segment.

Now all my codes are running OK in RAM mode, but when in ROM mode , the board failed.

In ROM mode, a task of CAN communication timed out. In RAM mode , use the same codes, the CAN task will not time out.  

I want to know why the same code running  different results in RAM and ROM mode.

Original Attachment has been moved to: RAM_ROM_xMAP.rar