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mipi dsi problem

Question asked by Ruben Henriksen on Jun 13, 2017


I am trying to enable a mipi dsi display using an ili9806e driver in our imx7dsabre.

In dmesg, the only entries  I can find relating to MIPI dsi is: "backlight supply power not found"  and "MIPI DSI driver module loaded"

The main problem may relate to the device tree as the probing does not occur, or I could have missed some detail with bitbake, or it could be something else I haven't considered.

I expected that some probing should be performed as the display is connected, however there seems to be no difference with or without the display. I have started to modify the "mxcfb_hx8369_wvga.c" driver to the specifications on our display, though I am not finished as it seems not to make a difference for now. I have been able to find an Android driver for the ili chip(9806c, with 9806e commented out in the driver code), is there an good way to port this for Linux?


How do I proceed with this problem? Why does not the driver probing occur?


Aattachments are dmesg output, device tree file, Android driver. Any help would be appreciated

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