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Issue with CAN(Tx) for KEAZ128, SDK platform

Question asked by Avesh Shah on Jun 13, 2017

I am using one of the examples i found on this community. I am using FRDM- KEAZ128 development board and want to send CAN data from the board( TX). Moreover i am using SDK instead of using code warrior.( i believe i took this code from one of the posts that mentions the problem with using NVIC.h file for SDK platform, and then someone uploaded a code compatible with SDK) I can compile the code without any issues, however, when i put it in debug mode, i can see a path error. I tried updating the path from source lookup path preferences, but i am still getting a path issue which throws an error : No source available for init CAN() at 0 x 498.

I am new to this platform and not sure where i am going wrong. The code is attached with this post.

Can someone please help me understanding the issue.

Thank you.

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