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Secure Non-Volatile Storage (SNVS) Details in IMX7

Question asked by Gopinath Srinivasan on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by Gopinath Srinivasan

Hi All,


I am studying about Secure Non-Volatile Storage (SNVS) options in IMX7. In that I came across, this "Tamper Detection" which means,

"Tamper Detection is a special mechanism provided through a chip pin to signal when the
device encounters unauthorised opening or tampering."


By the way, in sabreSD schematics, I can see tamper lines "SNVS_TAMPER[0:9]". May I know what is the purpose of these 10 lines?  And what is it detection mechanism behind Tamper Detection in terms of  hardware and software? 


Also is this features supported by software in IMX7 sabbreSD? If yes, Can I get more details on this?  If no, Can anyone guide me how to implement this software?


Thank You for your support.