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NFC Electromagnetic Compatibility for CE compliance

Question asked by Gerrit Wyen on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Wigros Sun

Hi, I am using a PN532 and experiencing the problem that energy is magnetically coupled from the NFC antenna into the power cords that are connected to my device.


I did a precompliance measurement using a spectrum analyser and a DC-LISN that shows values above the 1mV limit for 13.56 Mhz (no harmonics or anything else).


Unfortunately I can not move the connector further away from the antenna on the pcb, also attempts to shield it using a ferrite sheet didn't help much. Twisting the power cable reduces the peak but I can not rely on that being done by the user.


Will the 13.56 Mhz peak make me fail the EMC conducted emission test or are there any exceptions for NFC regarding conducted (and radiated) emissions ?


thanks in advance