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LPC824 not entering ISP mode after first programming

Question asked by Pedro Lousã on Jun 13, 2017
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I'm starting to use the LPC824 on a custom board, after I used a development board for some time.

It happens however that I could program the microcontroller only once! The first try it programmed without any problem. After that it doesn't seem to be entering ISP mode anymore.

It seems like a standard CRP behaviour (I can no longer access the chip neither by ISP nor by SWDIO with an LPC Link2 I have). But I didn't change the "startup_LPC82x.s" and I already checked that the CRP is not activated:




Can there be other reason why the chip is not entering ISP mode?

I'm using deep-power-down mode, but I couldn't find anywhere in the documentation something that relates deep-power-down with a problem in ISP.

Here is my main.c, if there is someone who can help me:


while(1) {

// System initialization

// Debug UART initialization
   uart_dbg = UART_GetUart(UART_DEBUG);
   UART_ConfigureUART(uart_dbg, B115200, FALSE);

// Read the device UID and store it for future use

// Identifies itself on the debug UART
   sprintf(str, "\r\n\r\nI'm alive!\r\n");
   UART_SendText(uart_dbg, str);
   sprintf(str, "Dev UID:\"%08X:%08X:%08X:%08X\"\r\n", UID[0], UID[1], UID[2], UID[3]);
   UART_SendText(uart_dbg, str);
   sprintf(str, "Reset Type: %02X\r\n", SYS_GetResetStatus());
   UART_SendText(uart_dbg, str);

// Clears the reset status register if wake-up was not from POR (Power-On Reset)
   if(SYS_GetResetStatus() != 0) {

   sprintf(str, "Time since first boot: %lu\r\n", SYS_GetTimeSinceStart());
   UART_SendText(uart_dbg, str);

// Configures the watchdog and BOD blocks to be powered-down during deep-power-down mode
   LPC_SYSCON->PDSLEEPCFG = (1 << 3) | (1 << 6);
// Configures the wake-up configuration register to have all blocks powered-up upon wake-up
// Enables the self-wake-up timer interrupt wake-up
   LPC_SYSCON->STARTERP1 = (1 << 15);

//Waits while the Debug UART is still transmitting
   while(UART_CheckTransmitIdle(uart_dbg) == 0);

// Configures self wake-up timer to wake-up SLEEP_TIME seconds before next cycle

// Enters deep-power-down


Thank you,