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LPC54102 Have UID to differentiate device?

Question asked by Ratheesh T on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by Ratheesh T


       I have LPCXpresso 54102 LQFP64 Rev A (OM13077) development board. 

I have 7 numbers of LPC54102 board and want to differentiate each devices with some UID's.

So I want to know 54102 has Unique ID (UID) or not ?

I have seen the reference manual of LPC54102 (UM10850), it has the following in Chapter 31: LPC5410x Flash API
   1. 31.5 USART ISP commands

           it has section 31.5.15 with Read UID

   2. 31.6 IAP commands

              it has section 31.6.9 with Read UID

I  don't know, What is the use of above two section of Read UID for my use? or it has other UID for my usage?

Please suggest me some ideas related to my usage ?