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Through LPC2294HBD / 01 wanted to write an external flash burn. The burning found abnormal. Can read, read by JFLASH wipe. Doubts are as follows

Question asked by 凯 方 on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by CarlosCasillas

1.LPC2294, P3, [27] WE write so why do you configure the register or invalid?

2.The P3 [27] voltage is 2.3 V. But the ARM end segment is 3.3 V for CSO P1 [0] and P1 [1].

3. but the P3 [27] can be configured to be used for general IO, which can be printed at low and low points, 0 and 3.3 V.


Error for :

Programming failed @ address 0x80000000(item verification error)

              Failed to program target 

              Failed to program and verify target