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Pn512 Tag Emulation Callibration

Question asked by Ilan Seeder on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Kan_Li


I'm emulating a Mifare Ultralight tag using Pn512.


When I use it by itself, it works well.


I encounter a problem where on some readers, when I put the Pn512 together with a regular tag, the reader dean't see the other tag and doesn't recognize a collision (it does recognize a collision of 2 regular tags)

On another reader, the opposite happens - the reader sees the tag but not the Pn512.


I suppose this happens because of antenna difference and different Tx settings between the tag and Pn512 (unless you can advise me otherwise).

I can't change the antenna, I suppose I need to calibrate the tx .I know I can do this using the GsnOffReg register, and other registers),

The question is - is there a module or a project that can callibrate the tx according to the field? 

Is there any other info I can use to solve this problem?