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i.MX7D: How to share >100KiB of data between A7 and M4 all at once?

Question asked by Alessandro Audero on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by jamesbone

Hello all,

I'm building my first system based on the i.MX7Dual SoC.

On the A7 there is the fsl Linux kernel along with a yocto based distro, while on the M4 there is FreeRTOS.

The M4 should take care about all the realtime requirements, while the A7 should perform images manipulation using freetype and qrencoder.

The aim is to have the M4 telling the A7 to start the images processing (the workflow it's not always within a realtime context), and when the A7 finishes, it should tell the M4 that the data is ready.

I was thinking about using RPMSG, starting from the tty example, but even if this worked for transferring small amount of data (i.e. signalling when to start the work and when the work is finished), I'd like to find a way the M4 could access a large blob of shared memory (> 100KiB) where the processed data has been left.


Is there any IPC that could allow me to make the A7 says something like: "hey, M4, there is data for you at this address!" ?


Thanks for any hinting to this,