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iMX6 - LDB - Display flicker, diagonal print

Question asked by Pierre Le Gargasson on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by Pierre Le Gargasson


I'm using iMX6DL with Android 5.1.1, Linux kernel 3.14.52. I use LVDS output for display signals. These signals are converted to RGB by an external IC because I use RGB display (only LVDS signals are available from iMX6 hardware).


The display orientation is natively portrait.


The display horizontal lines are increasingly vibrating. At the top, screen is well displayed but at the bottom, horizontal lines are going right to left and left to right.



By default, display is printed in diagonal. When I turn on "Show layout bounds", vibration stops. At the left of display, some pixels come from de right of the screen.


Any advice will help.
Thanks, Pierre