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KMS1.0.1 ConsistencyCheckOnConnect_SNLESSVEL_5061

Question asked by Vickus Boshoff on Jun 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Vickus Boshoff

I'm using KMS1.0.1.

The product is finished and working, at least for motors that were characterized several months ago.

Recently when trying to use KMS1.0.1 I get the following error:



whenever I connect, start motor measurement, update motor drive configuration, store motor information or just about any KMS interaction.


I've installed KDS3.2, KSDK1.3 and KMS1.0.1 on a freshly formatted PC.

Started a new project with all default settings and get exactly the same result!


Next I tried KMS1.1.0.

Again with brand new project, then I get plagued with different error messages.


Please help.