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JN5169 IAS zone auto enroll-response problem

Question asked by zth on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by zth

Hi, everyone.


I have BeyondStudio for NXP with JN-SW-4168 SDK and JN5169. I'm using a JN-AN-1201 ZigBee Intruder Alarm System application note as a base for my application.


I'm programming an IAS Zone server device with motion sensor. I need to enroll it with the coordinator that works like a CIE device and have IAS Zone client to pair with. Everything seems to be fine on the first steps and match descriptor request replies with a correct cluster ID. However when the coordinator tries to enroll with my device and sends me an auto enroll-response message with the assigned zone ID in it (as I see in the sniffer), I just don't seem to get the correct endpoint callback event with it. Neither my device replies with any IAS zone default response message.

As I understand from the ZigBee Cluster user guide, I should receive the E_ZCL_CBET_CLUSTER_CUSTOM event in my endpoint callback with the tsSM_CallBackMessage structure inside, where I can get my zone ID to complete the enrollment. But I don't seem to get any of that. Any idea why that could be happening? Maybe I need to add some settings to my IAS Zone cluster so it works with auto enroll-response enrollment method?


Side note: if I manually code in the zone ID that coordinator is sending, then everything works fine. I can finish the enrollment and send the motion events back. So the problem is only with receiving the enroll response event to get the correct zone ID and handle enrollment properly.