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SJA1000 bus errors

Question asked by Ian Key on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by Ian Key

I am using the SJA1000T in a circuit, with a PIC processor and TI transceiver. I have put it into local self test mode, writing 0x10 into CDR when the buffer is loaded. I get an initial transmission, but with a start frame error.


Is there anything wrong with the circuit?


I have tried different configurations of the output FETs (OCP0, OCN0 and OCPOL0) with no effect and no transmission.



Intel mode,

reset mode,

CDR = CLKOUT=off, PeliCAN mode, bypass comparator

OCR = various different options

speed = 1Mbps (16MHz sys clock, btr0=0x00, btr1=0x14)

set all AMR to 0xff (disabled, I believe)

IER = 0xff (enable all interrupts) -> don't see any on the processor

set mode to local-self test (bit 2 set)


For transmission:

write the ID, write INFO and then data

Set bit 4 in CMR


Am I doing anything wrong?