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S12XE & eGUI

Question asked by Eric_t d on Jun 8, 2017
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I have to redesign a legacy device that uses the mc9s12dg256 controller and a seven segment display.
The controller will be replaced by an S12XE controller and the seven segment display with a TFT display.
The demands for the graphics are very simple, it needs only simple texts, no buttons, option or check boxes.
It seems that eGUI is a good solution, it has minimal RAM and flash footprint.


Now I have to familiarize my self with eGUI.
I have concluded that I need to use the DEVKIT-S12XE Development Board for 9S12XEP100 MCUs and TWR-LCD (the connection between DEVKIT-S12XE and TWR-LCD will be through the SPI).


The problem is that I cannot find any example for HCS12 and eGUI.
I mean a very simple project, just a Hello World to use it as starting point.
Also I cannot find any guide to help to start a project from scratch.
I have only found a project for kinetis with IAR and for coldfire with codewarrior.


Does anyone have success with HCS12 and eGUI?


Can anyone give me a link where I can download any example with HCS12 and eGUI to use it as starting point?


I will appriciate any help.

Thank you