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How to edit linker files for projects which MCU's are installed into MCUXpresso IDE from an SDK

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on Jun 8, 2017
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I'm developing a project and I need to modify the parameters of memory allocation in my application code and bootloader code itself. That was easy in KDS, because the linker file was editable. I saw that linker files are no more editable in MCUXpresso. I had a look at MCUXpresso IDE User Guide and it says I should provide one or more modified template files locally within "\linkscripts" subdirectory of project directory structure, but, for MCUs installed into MCUXpresso IDE from an SDK, the definition of the memory map is loaded from manifest file within the SDK structure and "\linkscripts" subdirectory is not created within the project.


Well, firstable, I haven't unzipped my SDK folder when I imported it to my workspace and, second, my project is based on an existing SDK demo code that I have modified. If I open my zipped SDK folder, I can see that manifest file, but I can't save it in the zipped SDK folder after modifying the memory configurations. And even if I could, I guess this would change all my projects linker files that are in the workspace, wouldn't it?


That is a little confusing to me. Can you help me on this please?


Marco Aurelio P. Coelho

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