Luigi F. Cerfeda

Programming Hexiwear (wearables + IoT) in Python using Zerynth

Discussion created by Luigi F. Cerfeda on Jun 8, 2017

Hexiwear meets Python thanks to Zerynth

The wearables market is booming with predictions of more than a $10B market size by 2020. Despite the encouraging numbers, this is not an easy market to access. 

Hexiwear has been designed by MikroElektronika in collaboration with NXP to better support projects and products by accelerating their time to market, reducing development costs and securing their migration from prototype to production. A vision that matches perfectly with Zerynth, with its platform for developing embedded devices in Python using paradigms and features typical of personal computer (PC) and mobile programming.

Find out the advantages of using Zerynth to program Hexiwear, one of the most loved wearable IoT development platforms!