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MCF5274L Reset Problem

Discussion created by Neil Martin on Aug 19, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2008 by Neil Martin
I have a particular problem with the processor reseting. After applying power to the cpu, the RSTOUT signal is low, and even giving the CPU a reset will not get the cpu working. The RSTOUT signal stays low for the duration of the reset.
I have tried keeping the RSTIN signal low, and taking the RSTIN low and then back high, but the RSTOUT signal remains low. Also I have kept the RSTIN signal high during powerup, with still no affect.
The problem does not occur every time, but some processors/hardware seems worse than others. Some boards are fine, others are quite bad (ie 1 successful reset in 5).
When the problem occurs, it seems the processor is locked up, and cannot be recovered, apart from repowering the device.
Has anyone any experience of this?
Thanks in advance