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PCIe documentation for i.MX7D development

Question asked by Fraser Brown on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by Fraser Brown
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Hi all, apologies if already asked but couldn't find anything via the search facility ...


I am working with a bare metal i.MX7D board (so no Linux or other ready made RTOS) and need to utilise PCIe to interface to an FPGA. I have previously developed for i.MX35, i.MX6Q and i.MX6SoloX so fairly familiar with these platforms but first time with PCIe ! However, the i.MX7 RM doesn't appear to have a chapter for PCIe as per the RM for i.MX6 (or SoloX) for example. It has a section for 'PCIe_PHY' although that appears to be quite different from the i.MX6 chapter. The memory map chapter defines some regions for PCIe registers but that's all I can find.


Any idea where I can find the information (or missing chapter) to help get started ?


I have some PCIe driver source from a Freescale i.MX6 dev kit I had previously downloaded but can't find an equivalent for the i.MX7 although I understand they are quite similar but it would be nice to see some proper documentation and even better find an i.MX7 dev kit with a PCIe (or PCI) driver.


Any help or a pointer somewhere else would be greatly appreciated.