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MPC8572E BringUp Guide

Question asked by Alican Kurutepe on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by Serguei Podiatchev

Hello all,

We have a design with  the processor MPC8572E and have some problems with the low temperature tests(-40 celsius).

While digging the documents(errata mainly) we found that in the bring up guide(AN3647, Rev2) in section 1.7 table 1, we cannot see the our chip's device marking.

We two different chips that have the following device markings:

04M20X and 44M20X


Do you have a new version of this bring up guide or which revision of the MPC8572E have these device markings ?


Thanks in advance





In the chip errata(MPC8572ECE Rev.N, 06/12) at page 39 it says:


A-004508: DDR controller may not function across the full industrial temperature range

Affects: DDR

Decription: When the DDR controller is initialized below 0 C and operated beyond am ambient tempature of 60 C, the DDR controller may not function properly.

Impact: Data corruption may be observed during reads from DRAM.

Workaround: When the DDR controller operates across the full supported industrial temperature range then software should set bit 22 at the CCSR register offset 0x0_2F08 before the DDR controller is enabled.

Fix Plan: No plans to fix.


This errata seems a way to fix the issue however in the family reference manual there is not such a register with the given offset. Anybody have an idea ?