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Question asked by Koorosh Hajiani on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by Razvan-nicolae Tilimpea

I know it is possible to periodically trigger DMA on a peripheral source such as SPI RECIEVE FULL/SPI TRANSMIT EMPTY however I was wondering if it  is possible to trigger lets say on TX_EMPTY by doing an explicit start on the channel in the transfer complete interrupt?

I've set up a channel for 4 transfer on the tx_empty flag and it works however I just want to do this over and over again'

so to that end when the 1st DMA interrupt triggers I explicitly start the channel again right there inside the ISR and it does not seem to work. I think for this to work I have to reinitialize the DMA channel again and again.


Any help is much appreciated. 



Koorosh Hajiani