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PF0100 - On-board Programming Interface

Question asked by David Kearney on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by David Kearney

Hi Guys,


Question regarding programming the PF0100 PMIC in-situ on product PCB.


I have the PMIC loaded on my product PCB. I also have a programming interface, to allow the device to be programmmed on the PCB via  KITPFPGMEVME if required. In normal operation,  VDDIO is powered via the SW3A buck regulator from the PMIC and during programming, the PCB will be unpowered and the  KITPFPGMEVME applies it's own 3V3 to VDDIO to allow it to program the PMIC.

My question is will the 3V3 applied via the KITPFPGMEVME to VDDIO, which will also then be applied to the SW3A output while the PMIC is in an unprogrammed state, going to cause any damage to SW3A? I know the reg can regulate up to 3.3V but am not sure what effect applying 3V3 at this output while the regulator is not regulating will have.


Hope this makes sense!