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Failded to Read Attrib of JN5179 ZB30 coordinator addr 0

Question asked by benjamin chang on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2017 by benjamin chang

We have a JN5179 ZB30 network with Coordinator (address 0, JN-AN-1216_Zb30IotControlBridge_v1005), and device (address 888a, JN-AN-1218_Zb30LightBulbs_v1002).

We use tool ZGWUI GUI to send command. It is ok to [Read Attrib] to Device (address 888a), with response,

But it failed to [Read Attrib] to Coordinator (address 0), for both [TO SERVER] and [CLIENT]. It just return with Status 0x00, without any additional reponse.

We checked the project program code, but cannot figure out why?

Please tell me why, or where to look in the code for more details?