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Programming the  FTFA_FOPT register using blhost.

Question asked by Doug Baker on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I have a KL17 I would like to be able to force the chip to the bootloader using the kl17’s reset pin and the BOOCFG0 pin.  According to the documentation on the KL17, I need to program the bits in the FTFA_FOPT register and write the value ZERO to bit NMI_DIS and also a ZERO to the BOOTPIN_OPT.  I would like to write the value 0xF9 to the register FTFA_FOPT.

The write to the register FTFA_FOPT is an indirect write where I need to write to the flash at location 0x0000_040D because the chip will read the contents of address 0x0000_040D and put it the FTFA_FOPT register.

Using blhost, I do the following:

blhost -p COM44,115200 flash-erase-all-unsecure

blhost -p COM44,115200 read-memory  0x040C 4

blhost -p COM44,115200 write-memory 0x040C {{FEF9}}

blhost -p COM44,115200 read-memory  0x040C 4


now I power cycle the CPU and read the memory:


blhost -p COM44,115200 read-memory  0x040D 1

Ping responded in 1 attempt(s)

Inject command 'read-memory'

Successful response to command 'read-memory'


(1/1)100% Completed!

Successful generic response to command 'read-memory'

Response status = 0 (0x0) Success.

Response word 1 = 1 (0x1)

Read 1 of 1 bytes.


As you can see, the address 0x040D is reading F9 so it has the correct value.


I then program an application on the KL17 using blhost:


blhost -p COM44,115200 flash-image kl17_ShockSense.hex erase

blhost -p COM44,115200 reset


The app I put on the KL17 only jumps to the boot code and does not touch the flash at all to erase or write it.  After the code jumps to boot, I can use blhost to read the flash again and the value at address is now 0x3F and not 0xF9. 


blhost -p COM44,115200 read-memory  0x040D 1


That tells me something would have to erase the flash at the location to change the ‘9’ to a ‘f’ and also then write the location to change the ‘f’ in the 0xf9 to a ‘3’.


Any ideas?