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i.MX6 DDR Stress Test Tool V2.60 Fail

Question asked by Logan Bui on Jun 6, 2017

Dear All, 

#Oliver Chen

I did DDR stress test in my development platform and got error messages:


DDR Freq: 396 MHz
t0.1: data is addr test
t0: memcpy10 SSN x64 test
t1: memcpy8 SSN x64 test
t2: byte-wise SSN x64 test
t3: memcpy11 random pattern test 
test2 Address:   0x2d81e900
Data initally read was:   0x239d7c44
Data re-read is:          0x239d7c44
But pattern was: 0x239d6c44
Bit location:    0x00001000
Error: failed to run stress test!!!
I want to ask some questions:
Whether above messages show that the test is FAIL or not?
If the test is FAIL, how does it affect to my system and application? Is this a serious issue?
What could be the root cause ? 
Platform information:
Processor: MCIMX6D7CVT08AD 
Four DDR part number: MT41K256M16TW-107 IT
These are step by step I did:
Step 1. Used Option 3 U-boot, download and extract to ddr-test-uboot-jtag-mx6dl.bin
Step 2. Copy ddr-test-uboot-jtag-mx6dl.bin to SDcard
Step 3. Plug the sdcard to the platform and go to u-boot
Step 4. Enter below commands
mmc dev 1
dcache off
icache off
fatload mmc 1:1 0x00907000 ddr-test-uboot-jtag-mx6dl.bin
go 0x00907000
Step 5. 
Select ARM core: 1 for 800MHz
Select DDR density: 1 for 1GB
Want to change VDD_SOC_CAP/VDD_ARM_CAP: n
Want to run DDR Calibration: n
Want to run DDR Stress Test: y
Start freq: 400
End freq: 400
Select simple loop or Over Night Test: 1
I attached full log I did, please teach me if I did anything wrong in the test.
Thanks in Advance and Best Regards,

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