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SC16IS752 lock up in ISR

Question asked by Soodeh Haghgoo on Jun 5, 2017
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I'm using SC16IS752 to create RS485 port on my system. It's working fine for a short time but after a while I have a crash and got an exception in ISR. I enabled RHR interrupt. I aslo noticed the trigger level is not setting correctly and always is 16 bytes regardless of what I set in TVL register!

Do you have any sample code how to implement the ISR? Mine is like this:


char IIR_value_ChA, LSR_value_ChA, readByte;

IIR_value_ChA = Read752(IIR, RS485_DATA_CHAN);
char valA = IIR_value_ChA & 0x0F;

LSR_value_ChA = Read752(LSR, RS485_DATA_CHAN);


switch (valA)
case SC16IS752_IIR_RLS: // receiver line status (LSR)
case SC16IS752_IIR_RTI: // receiver time-out interrupt
case SC16IS752_IIR_RHR: // receive hold register (RHR) interrupt
if (valA == SC16IS752_IIR_RHR)
__asm("NOP\n") ;

// This will only happen when the chip looses the interrupt sync, do dummy read for re-sync.
if (!(LSR_value_ChA & SPI_UART_DATA_READY))
Read752(RHR, RS485_DATA_CHAN);

// repeat until receiver FIFO is empty
while (LSR_value_ChA & SPI_UART_DATA_READY) 
readByte = Read752(RHR, RS485_DATA_CHAN);
LSR_value_ChA = Read752(LSR, RS485_DATA_CHAN);
} break;


Thank you!