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How to reset core0 with new program on imx6 SoloX

Question asked by Hans Riekehof-Bohmer on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Carlos_Musich

Hi there,


this might sound a little weird but i want to reboot just the A9-Core on an imx6-SoloX from a running M4-program. The M4-Core should not be reset and kept running after this. So basically i want to reload a different program image from the m4 core to the a9 core.


I found in the SRC_SCR register, that there is a core0_rst bit. But its not clear to me what exactly happens when i assert this bit. What i know so far is, that my program running on the m4 core crashes immediately so there must be happening something which i do not expect or understand.


I thought the core0 jumps to the boot code (Address 0x0) and if i enabled warm_reset in the SRC the core0 should than jump to the address in SRC_GPR0 (PERSISTENT_ENTRY0) to execute code. But this doesn't happen as it seems and i don't know why exactly.


Does anyone have some hints on this matter on how i could do this ?

What does the core0_rst bit in the SRC really do when asserted ?