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Question asked by Deepak Madan on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by CarlosCasillas

Hello All,


I am using LPC2468 controller and have  a USB Host Interface on it. I am trying to connect a USB Device on the Host using NXP USB Host Stack. I am having issue connecting a Usb CDC Device.


I am able to do the enumeration and Get/ Set the Device Configuration.


But i am not clear how to send the CDC Request and receive CDC Notifications to start receiving and sending data of Bulk In and Bulk Out Pipes.


My device has 1 interrupt Pipe and 2 Bulk Pipe for In and Out respectively.


Do CDC Requests have to be linked with Setup Token or In Token or Token Out.. I want to know how to implement CDC Requests with the NXP USB Host Stack. Any link for detailed reference of the same would also help. I have already gone through USBCDC12.pdf and PSTN120.pdf  . They mention about Requests and Notifications but know how the Parameters on Control Pipe needs to be set to send these data


Also is there any USB Protocol Sniffer which can show me data Sent on Bus Pipe Wise by connecting my device on Computer. I have tried Device monitoring Studio but it rearranges the data and its unclear how the data is sent on the computer. Data Receive packets are bit clear.