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802.15.4 vs Beeekit or SMAC

Discussion created by Mihaela Homana on Aug 18, 2008
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we are using the Freescale 802.15.4 MAC since now 2 years, before even the Beekit was released.
Yet we are still having continous problems with this MAC. Communication is not clean, network failures occuring without reason, our modules are crashing because of MAC allocation errors... Apparently there were lot of bugs inside, which were corrected in the BeeKit.
We are not even using the real MAC stack anymore, many features we implemented it on our own.
As we cant proceed forward with this MAC, we were thinking of switching to the Beekit, yet still only the 802.15.4 part, as we need no ZigBee stack.
Or even construct everything on SMAC.
Does anyone has experience what could be the timeline of switching to BeeKit/SMAC and if that is more helpful in matters of stability?
I would be very thankful to any answer.