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MCUXpresso Program Load Locations

Question asked by Ed Arrington on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Ed Arrington

I have been using LPCXpresso for several years, since version 7.4, and am current on 8.2.2.  Our application has gotten fairly sophisticated with code running in one of multiple memory blocks.  


I decided to give MCUXpresso a try since it appears that will be NXP's recommended IDE going forward.  My programs compile and link as usual, and the addresses all look right in the map file.  However, the programs always load at (external) flash 0x14000000 even when I request it to load at some other address (such as 0x14080000).  In LPCXpresso, you determine the load address by identifying the first flash memory block in the MCU settings page.  However, that does not appear to work with MCUXpresso.


Is there a new load address setting somewhere in MCUXpresso that I'm not aware of?  I can't seem to find such an option.