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i.mx6ull question

Question asked by Tom Mao on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by Tom Mao

Dear  Expert:


About i.mx6ull-evk,I have questions below,please help answer,thanks.

1. this picture is from the MCIMX6ULL-CM Page 10:

a. what function is this signal "GPIO_DVFS"?

b. Is ther a current size requirement about Q702 and Q707? If yes, is the 230mA enough?

c.Q701 is different Q702 and Q707,is there any special?

2. this picture is from the MCIMX6ULL-CM Page 10 too:

could you tell me whether this circuitry is software watchdog or not?How work?

C738 is a capacity, how is this signal "nWDOG" control UM805RE?


pls help,thanks.